Melissa Beck
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Management

Melissa Beck is currently the Executive Director of The Educational Foundation of America, a family foundation that makes grants nationally to nonprofits working in three areas: the environment, the arts, and sustainable population. Prior to her work with The Educational Foundation of America, she was the Chief Executive Officer of Legal Information for Families Today, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing access to justice for children and families throughout New York State. During her time at LIFT, Beck grew the budget from $320,000 to over $2.6 million, saw a 45% increase in individual donors and expanded the Board of Directors. Beck was also a Senior Planner at the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services, an alternative to incarceration provider, and Associate Director of the National Associates Program at the Vera Institute of Justice. Her experience as a litigator includes serving as Assistant District Attorney in the Kings County District DA’s Office, Appellate Counsel at the Center for Appellate Litigation, and Associate at Brafman & Ross, P.C. Beck was previously an adjunct faculty member at Fordham University. She earned her BA in Women’s Studies from Hampshire College, and her JD from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.

Semester Course
Fall 2012 PADM-GP.4137.001 Strategic Communications for Nonprofit and Public Managers

Generating public support through effective communications is as essential to the success of nonprofit and public organizations as it is to for-profit organizations. And since many nonprofits have limited staff and financial resources available for communications activities, it is even more important that these resources be deployed as strategically as possible. Concepts and skills developed in this course will help students approach communications in a way that builds commitment to their organization’s mission, strategic initiatives and fundraising activities. Students will gain familiarity with a variety of communications techniques and vehicles, and complete a basic communications plan for an organization they are familiar with.

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