• Amy White

    OCS was amazing at helping me to enhance and emphasize organization specific experiences on my resume and cover letter.

  • Elizabeth Norman

    I have found attending outside events to be particularly helpful. At some events, I have been one of the only students in a room full of successful people working in my field. While it can be scary to talk with people in that situation, often people talk to me if they see Wagner on my nametag or because they are interested in talking to young people or new people attending the event.

  • Craig Mills

    I have been in the work world for awhile, but I realize when you're job hunting and interviewing, you can never know too much about leaving a favorable impression with a prospective employer.

  • Andrea Ault

    My membership in the American Public Health Association (APHA) has given me opportunities to keep up with developments in my field, to expand content knowledge, and to network with leaders within the field of mental health services research. Not only have I attended conferences sponsored by APHA, but I have had the opportunity to present my research findings at a recent conference, allowing me to showcase what I can bring to the field.

  • Craig Mills

    One important part of school is interacting with people, learning more about issues and topics you wouldn't seek out on your own. I am much more interested in the technical aspects of research than I realized, and as a result I am considering pursuing a research focused degree after Wagner.

  • Monique Boyce

    I've definitely learned the value of networking while at Wagner. I attended a networking workshop, and I put the tools to practice while attending Wagner's Alumni/Student Networking events, and then following up with contacts I made. I've also conducted several informational interviews where I got great career advice and developed relationships with experienced professionals in my field.

  • Erin Massey

    My goals have remained pretty much consistent since I started at Wagner, but I think they have been shaped and fine-tuned, in a good way, since I've been here due to my work with OCS staff and my work and internship experiences.

  • Seth Rosen

    I stay involved with professional associations. They are a great place to network, and they often have job postings and offer volunteer opportunities. I always send thank you notes and do what I can to help these people out. It is all about building relationships, and remembering that NYC is actually not such a big place. There will always come a day when you need help from someone.

  • Cary Hirschstein

    Class projects provided a means for me to find out more about issues I was passionate about. The connections I made with faculty were invaluable in directing my research, studies and contact to practitioners in the field.

  • Carlos Calderon

    I have attended Alumni/Student networking events, where I have made effective contacts which have already begun to guide me in interesting directions—not to mention making friends.