• Monique Boyce

    I've definitely learned the value of networking while at Wagner. I attended a networking workshop, and I put the tools to practice while attending Wagner's Alumni/Student Networking events, and then following up with contacts I made. I've also conducted several informational interviews where I got great career advice and developed relationships with experienced professionals in my field.

  • Craig Mills

    One important part of school is interacting with people, learning more about issues and topics you wouldn't seek out on your own. I am much more interested in the technical aspects of research than I realized, and as a result I am considering pursuing a research focused degree after Wagner.

  • Seth Rosen

    I stay involved with professional associations. They are a great place to network, and they often have job postings and offer volunteer opportunities. I always send thank you notes and do what I can to help these people out. It is all about building relationships, and remembering that NYC is actually not such a big place. There will always come a day when you need help from someone.

  • Erin Massey

    My goals have remained pretty much consistent since I started at Wagner, but I think they have been shaped and fine-tuned, in a good way, since I've been here due to my work with OCS staff and my work and internship experiences.

  • Cary Hirschstein

    Class projects provided a means for me to find out more about issues I was passionate about. The connections I made with faculty were invaluable in directing my research, studies and contact to practitioners in the field.

  • Carlos Calderon

    I have attended Alumni/Student networking events, where I have made effective contacts which have already begun to guide me in interesting directions—not to mention making friends.

  • Seth Rosen

    I think there are two important points about academics to concentrate on: use class assignments to help you do more at your organization (or one you want to go to) and really take classes that you see helping you down the road.

  • Monique Boyce

    During the Spring of my first year at Wagner, I began having advising sessions with OCS staff, and as a result, have been engaging in comprehensive assignments to make me thoughtful and proactive about building the career path of my choice. I am so grateful to OCS. They have been especially helpful this year as I narrow my focus, prepare for and succeed during interviews, and accept or decline offers.

  • Jennifer Jensen

    I have used class assignments to find out more about issues on several occasions. I wrote a paper on small business assistance that prompted a research center to apply for a grant to study the same issue -- they received the grant, and I ended up with a full-time, summer research position and the opportunity to co-author the study.

  • Carlos Calderon

    My goals have become more clear and tangible. I have done a lot of self discovery of my talents and limitations.