• Monique Boyce

    I have an interest in youth development, so I seized the opportunity to mentor court involved males ages 14-19 with the Looking Ahead Mentoring Program sponsored by the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services.

  • Jennifer Jensen

    Being a member of the UPSA board was an amazing opportunity to meet friends and network. I made more contacts by organizing events than by attending them.

  • Andrea Ault

    My very first experience in the mental health services field was as a volunteer intern at a community mental health center. Experiencing the service delivery issues from within the system first hand has definitely been instrumental in helping to form my career goals.

  • Margaret DiZerega

    Through my internship, I was able to attend a conference which taught me a whole host of other issues related to domestic violence and during which I met various practitioners working with the issue on different levels, like social service delivery, legal issues, and activism.

  • Margaret DiZerega

    I worked with OCS to refine my resume and learn how to tailor it to each job I applied for. I realized that there were common threads between what seemed like loosely related activities I had done prior to Wagner, and with OCS' advice, I was able to weave them into a cohesive story.

  • Elizabeth Norman

    I have found attending outside events to be particularly helpful. At some events, I have been one of the only students in a room full of successful people working in my field. While it can be scary to talk with people in that situation, often people talk to me if they see Wagner on my nametag or because they are interested in talking to young people or new people attending the event.

  • Amy White

    OCS was amazing at helping me to enhance and emphasize organization specific experiences on my resume and cover letter.

  • Seth Rosen

    If you keep seeing job postings in your field asking for skills you don't have, it means it's time to assess yourself and see what you can do to improve.

  • Gabriel Verdaguer

    The 'How to...' tools on-line are fantastic; specifically, the resume and cover letter writing guide and the interviewing and negotiating offers guide. I have used them to prepare my resume and cover letters, paying close attention to the job description and how to adjust my resume to fit what the employer is seeking. I have forwarded them to friends outside of Wagner and they have found them very useful as well.

  • Davidson Hepburn

    Before entering Wagner, I spent hours on the course website, identifying any course I found remotely interesting, reading course syllabi and mapping out a sequence.