• Carrie Hasselback

    My summer internship in Kabul has given me a lot of insight into development work. My internship is unpaid, and I was apprehensive about that at first, but I figured it would pay off in the long run. There are tons of ex-pats here are and jobs are literally falling into my lap. It has shown me that it is pretty difficult to try to land an international job while sitting in your apartment in New York.

  • Ana daSilva

    Since I'm exploring career options in another city, I used an assignment in Intro to Public Policy to learn more about the economic and political situation in that area. I researched an economic development initiative in St. Louis that helped me become more aware of the challenges facing the city and who is addressing them. This helped me during informational interviews by demonstrating my interest and helping me contextualize some of what I learned during the interviews.

  • Baye Emery

    Wagner prides itself on teaching students how to practice what they learn. OCS was the backbone that connected my in-class academics to my professional advancement and made Wagner’s promise a reality.

  • Carrie Hasselback

    Most of the networking I have done has been through other students. A fellow Wagner student landed me my internship since she is on the board of the organization who does the program. She has given me several contacts.

  • Sarah Dannan

    If you want to develop leadership skills… join a student group! Student groups are the most interesting venue as they unite busy students in a volunteer experience, motivate them to put events together, and foster relationships amongst board members. I cherish my experience and am grateful for the way it challenges me to become a better leader.

  • Danny Manitsky

    With OCS’s help, I have been able to direct my studies, internships, and extracurricular activities in ways that allow me to explore different career options and build my network of professional contacts.

  • Bridget Farrenkopf

    Wagner’s location provides unrivaled access to organizations and individuals in the field. While I served as co-chair of the Nonprofit Network, we were able to tap into this community to organize events and provide Wagner students with a forum to meet leaders, create networks, and share ideas about the direction nonprofits are taking, nationally and internationally.

  • Kate Bender

    There are constantly forums and speakers being held at NYU that are open to both students and local urban planning professionals. The exciting thing about these events is that they provide an opportunity to be exposed to new research or ideas while also seeing how the professional sphere reacts to the same concepts. Thus you could see a piece of research in a totally different light than if you had only read/discussed it in class.

  • Yinghua Liu

    OCS has given me concrete tools to help me with my career. As an international student, I have taken advantage of all types of OCS services: walk-in hours; resume, cover letter and interviewing workshops; career panels; employer information sessions; Alumni Career Advisement Program; and career fairs. All of this led to my finding four internships in my first year at school.

  • Doug Adams

    Attending the American Planning Association and National Brownfield Association conferences were great opportunities for networking and connecting with others in the planning field. The forums were also excellent venues for exploring my career interests in more detail.