• Margaret DiZerega

    I worked with OCS to refine my resume and learn how to tailor it to each job I applied for. I realized that there were common threads between what seemed like loosely related activities I had done prior to Wagner, and with OCS’ advice, I was able to weave them into a cohesive story.

  • Sarah Dannan

    OCS has been a tremendous help to me in terms of helping me edit my resume, proof read a cover letter, or be a sounding board at times when I have been unsure about my path. I eventually want to work in hospital administration or in healthcare consulting. By showing me how to market myself to an employer, Sharon's guidance provided me with the know-how to create a cover letter that got me the interview for my current job ­as a Project Manager in the Revenue Management division of a hospital corporation despite the fact that I DO NOT have a financial background and have never worked in a hospital.

  • Martin Sobel

    Employers want more than excitement and enthusiasm—they want and need skills. When I first came to NYU Wagner I consulted the OCS job binders and web listings, not for job openings, but to learn what skills I needed to develop in order to attain the positions I wanted when I graduated.

  • Craig Mills

    I have been in the work world for awhile, but I realize when you’re job hunting and interviewing, you can never know too much about leaving a favorable impression with a prospective employer.

  • Gabriel Verdaguer

    The 'How to...' tools on-line are fantastic; specifically, the resume and cover letter writing guide and the interviewing and negotiating offers guide. I have used them to prepare my resume and cover letters, paying close attention to the job description and how to adjust my resume to fit what the employer is seeking. I have forwarded them to friends outside of Wagner and they have found them very useful as well.

  • Davidson Hepburn

    Before entering Wagner, I spent hours on the course website, identifying any course I found remotely interesting, reading course syllabi and mapping out a sequence.

  • Danny Manitsky

    Use OCS Walk-In Hours to their fullest. I have had my resume revised and revised and revised – they’re great at helping you hone your message.

  • Kate Bender

    Wagner alums are everywhere! I feel like I run into them constantly, especially in my current job. I found my job last year through a current student, my supervisor now is an alum, and I plan to talk to other alums before seeking future internships.

  • Amanda Miller

    I use academic assignments to explore areas of professional interest. While researching a paper for my Intro to Policy course, I made contact with several international organizations. Each conversation provided new insight into my field of interest, and a couple of contacts encouraged me to stay in touch. Taking this approach grounds my experience in current practice and provides great opportunities to refine my career path and build important contacts in the field.

  • Gabriel Verdaguer

    During the Intro to Policy class we were given an assignment to draft a strategy memo for a policy advocacy campaign. The assignment was given with considerable flexibility, in particular, with regards to the selection of the policy issue. I fell upon a topic within the issue of juvenile justice that really caught my attention. I immersed myself in the project and felt that I had found an issue that I wanted to explore further. This assignment prompted me to attend a career panel on working within the justice system, which then led me to get a summer internship with the Vera Institute of Justice.