• Kate Bender

    Getting work experience has been central for me at my time at Wagner. I worked at a private planning firm last fall, since I had never worked in planning, and wanted to understand the field. I felt like I got a lot of basic, core knowledge from that job. When I was looking for my next internship/job, I decided to go to the opposite extreme - to look only in the public sector, and to look for a position in administration rather than planning (these are two of the roles that I'm considering in my future job search). That is how I ended up working for the Division of Citywide Administrative Services for the City of New York. I feel like through only 2 internships (so far), I've gotten a tremendous breadth of knowledge.

  • Baye Emery

    OCS was the guidance counselor I never had. The staff is supportive, motivational, and most importantly, accessible. My advisement sessions were always constructive and energetic. Professional development can be incredibly stressful and it was so helpful to know that I had such a reliable resource supporting me.

  • Danny Manitsky

    I hate networking – that’s why I usually don’t do it. Instead, I just look for events that attract people that have common interests and talk to them about these interests – oh, wait, that IS networking!

  • Kate Bender

    I'm very focused on my career goals, so with every class and work assignment, I feel like I'm constantly honing my interests to find out exactly what I want to do. So far, I think that I've reaffirmed that I want to be in the public sector working at the city level, but I'm still working out what role I want to have. Administration (the field that I initially thought that I would be in), still interests me, but so do planning/economic development and finance, so I'm hoping to explore those fields more over the coming year.

  • Le Enken

    The alumni that I met with gave generously of their time and made very specific suggestions that assisted me with my job search.

  • Nick Molinari

    The mix of full-time faculty, adjuncts, and working students at Wagner provides students with ample opportunity to network with professionals who are out working in the field. I obtained some of my favorite internships by striking up conversations with professors and fellow classmates.

  • Ana daSilva

    Doing informational interviews, looking for internships, applying for scholarships, peer advising and selecting classes have all given me pause to think about my goals. This summer, I received a job offer from a previous employer that really forced me to reassess where I am going. I have moved away from some of the areas of interest I had when I started at Wagner and developed new interests that I had not expected. The experience of considering a really good job offer helped me confirm my interest in working in government and in local economic development.

  • Danny Manitsky

    OCS’s career panels, networking events and professional development workshops have given me exposure to ideas, people and internship opportunities I needed to build my skill-set and become a more effective policy analyst.

  • Prescott Chow

    What I value most about my time at Wagner has been the opportunity to balance both reflection and action in managing my career. As a planner by nature and profession, I tend to gravitate in theory towards straightforward approaches: set a goal and then figure out how to accomplish it. However, I realize that in practice, I don’t even know the meaning of linear. The Composing Your Career approach gave me the opportunity to be thoughtful in my decision-making and yet still be open to new, expansive opportunities that came my way.

  • Sarah Dannan

    I usually "check-in" with myself after each semester as a way to strategically plan my future. I process what I've learned in the classroom or at an internship, and assess how what I've learned will strengthen my skills. I also evaluate what I liked/did not like about a particular job/organization and apply that to my goals for the future and as direction for pursuing other internships. This process has showed me that it is okay to be interested in many different things (i.e., management, policy, public health) and that it is possible to find a career that encompasses all of those interests. I have also realized that the field of health is much broader than I ever thought, and there are many possibilities out there to pursue.