NYU Wagner: Fostering Inspiration through Technology

At the intersection of policy and technology lives the opportunity to solve challenging public service issues. We are experimenting with technology innovations to improve public service delivery, enhance how students learn, solve policy issues, and strengthen the connection among students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

Wagner professors Natalie Privett and Gordon Campbell developed a course in collaboration with NYU's Global Technology Services that exposes students to new ways of thinking about issues and how technology can help solve them.

Through an online Multimedia Interactive Case Study (MICS) about the NYC Homeless Family Shelter System, students utilize interactive analytic tools such as a Stakeholder Analysis Tool, Decision Tree Builder, and Forecast Simulator to approach the challenges of developing policy and making operational decisions within a highly political context. The MICS also provides resources such as video documentaries, news archives, images, data sets, and a variety of perspectives from public interest groups to service provides.