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Social Media is changing the way that people interact on a daily basis, and both NYU and NYU Wagner are committed to connecting students, faculty, staff, alumni, and employers to each other through social media channels.

Social Media at NYU Wagner

The Wagner community uses a variety of social media platforms to stay connected, including a student-only Facebook group used to organize events, a list of faculty members most active on Twitter, and a collection of blogs on a wide range of policy issues.

Here are some ways for you to stay connected to Wagner through social media:

Wagner Facebook Page Wagner Twitter PageWagner YouTube PageWagner Pinterest Page

View our full list of social media communities:

View a list of Wagner faculty who tweet:

View a list of Wagner student groups using social media:

Collection of blogs focused on Wagner news and specific policy issues:
- Wagner Today
- Insights on Health Policy and Management Blog
- Financial Access Initiative
- Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management
- Wagner Urban Planning Student Association
- The Wagner Review
- Wagner International Public Service Association
- Wagner Food Policy Alliance

Wagner Mobile Site
Provides users easy access to degree program descriptions, calendars, blogs, videos, faculty bios and research as well as a knowledgebase of frequently asked questions.

Social Media at NYU

NYU understands that digital devices are increasingly a part of our students’ lives, and has invested in social media on a wide variety of platforms. Some of the most popular include:

NYU Mobile App
Includes news, events, job postings, volunteer opportunities, shuttle map, campus map, and a directory.

NYU Human Resources uses LinkedIn to recruit for open positions, and has over 22,000 followers.

There are about 150 NYU locations on Foursquare that people check into. Aside from the built-in gaming elements that Foursquare brings, there are additional perks, such as learning about special deals in the dining halls and winning prizes for checking in. Check into your building or classroom to see what special tips and tricks are available.

The NYU YouTube channel includes a speaker series, open education lectures, admissions/recruiting information, and commencement ceremonies.

Facebook Page
The NYU Facebook page has been steadily growing over the years and has over 150,000 likes. This large audience has proved especially useful during recent disasters, and ended up being the fastest way to update the NYU community and track and filter concerns during Hurricane Sandy.

This is NYU Tumblr
Get a glimpse of life at NYU around the world through the eyes of more than 150 Global Storytellers studying across the University’s global network.

Community 2.0 is presented by hashtagNYU in collaboration with the Office of Global Programs. Global Storytellers are NYU students from all walks of life studying in Abu Dhabi, Accra, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Florence, London, Madrid, New York, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Sydney, Tel Aviv, or Washington D.C. Their stories are curated in real time by our Global Editors, students in New York committed to sharing the best glimpses of life across the global network.

Please see the NYU Social Media Hub for a full list of all NYU Social Media Accounts and NYU Hashtags. NYU has also put together a selection of best practices for a variety of social media platforms to help faculty, staff and students create their own social media accounts.

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