Statistical Software Proficiency

Students who take and pass Statistical Methods (CORE-GP 1011) are required to complete an SPSS lab as part of the course and are considered proficient in statistical software.

Students who waive out of Statistical Methods (CORE-GP 1011) are still required to demonstrate their proficiency with statistical software. These students must pass the SPSS proficiency exam (NONCR-GP 938). Similar to the course waiver deadline, students must pass the SPSS proficiency exam prior to the start of their second semester, or complete PADM-GP 2902 Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics during their degree program at Wagner. There are two ways to prepare for the proficiency exam:

  • You may may register for an optional SPSS module (NONCR-GP 931) offered every semester for $175.
  • You may teach yourself SPSS. The software is installed in all university labs, and the material that is covered in the SPSS proficiency exam is summarized in SPSS: The Wagner Way, which is available for purchase at the front desk of the Puck Building (295 Lafayette Street, 2nd floor). The data sets that are used in the Wagner Way are available for download here: SPSS: The Wagner Way

* Both the SPSS Proficiency Exam and SPSS Module require registration via Albert.

Spreadsheet Software Proficiency

Students who take and pass Financial Management (CORE-GP 1021) will be considered proficient in Excel. Students who take Financial Management and would like extra Excel practice may take an optional Excel Module (NONCR-GP 0932) offered  for $175.

* The Excel Module requires registration via Albert.

* If you have questions, contact Wagner Student and Program Services at