Welcome to Wagner's Adjunct Faculty Guide. Here any Adjunct can find information on how to get established, prepare for classes, conduct classes and access resources for professional development as an educator.

New Adjuncts: Please take time to explore these pages, the infomation is invaluable. Below you will find information on how to navigate the new employee process at Wagner.

Returning Adjuncts: Please note that your resources have been re-organized for easier retrieval. Please familiarize yourself with the new layout.


The Albert Faculty Center is a “one-stop shop” for all your self-service needs for academic information. The Faculty Center home page on Albert is where you will find valuable information such as your class roster, class location, and where to submit your grades.

To access the Albert link, log in to http://home.nyu.edu and click on the Academics tab.

A Quick Guide to Albert

Use these guides to help you navigate the system. If you have further questions, you can reach out to your faculty support, Craig Schott, at 212-998-7477 or  Craig Schott. You can also reach out to the NYU Information Technology Services (ITS) at 212-998-3333.

Office Assistance

Craig Schott is the Adjunct Faculty Support and your primary contact for Adjunct-related issues. He is located on the 3rd Floor of Wagner and can be reached at 212-998-7477 or craig.schott@nyu.edu. If you cannot find an answer here, Craig should be your starting point. He will also assist you with the following:

Workspace: Wagner has four offices in the Puck Building designated for rotating Adjunct use. If you would like to reserve one of these offices, please contact Craig.

Mailboxes: The faculty mailroom is located on the 3rd floor of the Puck Building. If you have not been assigned a mailbox or informed of its location, please contact Craig.

Human Resources and Payroll

By this point, you should have already spoken to Ellen Lovitz, made an appointment with LaShawn Jones and recieved a NetID (the user id that you used to login to the restricted area). The next step is to submit employment forms to allow the payroll department to issue your paychecks. Links to PDF versions of these forms can be found to the right.

If you have any questions about payroll related matters, please contact Frank.

Collective Bargaining

Although union membership is not required at NYU Wagner, please note that a collective bargaining agreement is in effect between the University and International Union, UAW, AFL-CIO and Local 7902, Adjuncts Come Together (ACT/UAW).

Adjunct and part-time faculty who are covered by the collective bargaining agreement must pay either union dues or an agency fee to the Union; this payment obligation is a condition of continued employment at New York University.

A PDF copy of The Agreement is located on NYU's Web site.