Adjunct Faculty Guide

Now that everything is prepared, we will move on to conducting a class.  Below you will find information on class logistics, educating students on academic honesty, student evaluations and grading guidelines.

Classroom Logistics

Changes and Cancellations
Wagner's policy discourages class cancellations. Adjunct faculty who discover a class conflict or have an emergency should either make arrangements for a substitute instructor or  reschedule the class to another time that is convenient for all students. Please notify the students as soon as possible by sending a message through NYU Classes, in addition to notifying Craig Schott ( via email and calling the front desk at 212-998-7400.

Audio/Visual Equipment
The Campus Media Support Services will deliver and set up the equipment. Please contact Craig Schott regarding your audio visual needs. You must contact him at least 3 days in advance of the date you need the equipment.

Student Mailboxes
Are located on the second floor of the Puck Building. Student assignments can be returned to these mailboxes. This is especially true for assignments to be returned at the end of the semester. It is best to let students know when you will be returning assignments to mailboxes to be sure that they collect them. You may leave material to be returned to students with the receptionist at the second floor reception desk. All student papers and exams must be returned to students in a timely manner.

Academic Policies & Procedures

Wagner takes academic integrity very seriously, and so should you. It is important to familiarize students with Wagner's policies on academic integrity as early as possible.

We suggest that you provide the students with a copy of our Academic Code on the first day, along with the syllabus. We have provided a link to our academic polices below. Do not assume that your students are already familiar with this information.

NYU Classes and Online Teaching

All Wagner courses have a course website supported by NYU Classes, an online course management tool. Using NYU Classes, an instructor may:

  • Display office hours
  • Post biographical information
  • Provide links to relevant news articles, class notes and any other pertinent items
  • Administer tests online
  • Post class announcements
  • Email students en masse

While it will not eliminate the need for handouts, NYU Classes allows you to refer students to the site instead of having to provide them with physical materials. All NYU Classes class materials can be archived and used over and over again, so you need not start from scratch each semester.

The Instructor and every student in the section will be able to see a link to their course when they visit NYUHome and log in to NYU Classes via the Academics tab. As the instructor, you will be able to view, access and modify the NYU Classes course website for your courses. You can view your course websites by logging into NYUHome and clicking on the Academics tab.

How you choose to use these course websites is up to you, but at the very least, you should place a copy of the course syllabus on the site. Should you choose to use another type of communication, including online communication, you should notify students on the NYU Classes site of your intentions, since that will be their first online experience with your course. While you are not required to use this service, we strongly encourage web based instruction as part of your curriculum.

When starting your class, you must activate your site on NYU Classes or your administrative support, Craig Schott, can do it for you. Locate the "Setup Course Sites" link when you log in to NYU Classes, or follow these instructions.

You can find additional online training resources and documentation for NYU Classes here.

Evaluations and Feedback

It is important for an instructor to assess how the class is progressing in order to determine whether or not any adjustments are necessary. To this end, it is strongly recommended that all faculty seek informal mid-semester evaluations. A general e-mail will be sent out to you as a reminder and a PDF document of the evaluation form can be found below. You should distribute, collect and evaluate these important feedback forms.

Official evaluations are conducted at the end of every semester, but you do not have to worry about these. All students will receive an email with a link to Wagner's online course evaluation system. They will complete the evaluation forms which will be automatically tabulated. Adjunct faculty will have an opportunity to review the results of the evaluations once the tabulations are complete.

Grading Guidelines

Consistent, fair and accurate grading is key. Grading accurately is one of the more difficult aspects of Adjunct teaching, and it is important to be familiar with the grading standards of your institution. It is also crucial that students understand what the grading system is so that they are not confused or overwhelmed at the end of the semester. So that you may familiarize yourself with grading practices at Wagner, we have provided the following guidelines. We recomend that grades are submitted after course evaluations close. 

The Moses Center for Students with Disabilities

The Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) provides proctoring services for students who are registered with CSD and approved for testing accommodations. As of Monday, July 8th, 2013, the process for scheduling exams with CSD will be exclusively online.

  • The students will complete their portion of an online Test Request Form at least five days prior to the date of the scheduled exam
  • The online form will then be automatically emailed to you for completion
  • To ensure that CSD will be able to appropriately proctor the exam for you, we ask that once you receive the electronic form, you complete your portion and submit it to CSD as quickly as possible.
  • For reasons of security and maintaining academic integrity, we must ask that you use your NYU-issued email for all testing purposes

To preview the new online form, please click on the link below:

Please feel free to contact Robyn Weiss, Director, ( or Victoria Saxe, Accommodations Administrator, (, with any questions or concerns