Adjunct Faculty Guide

Part of teaching is knowing when to step back and let students learn for themselves. Wagner is committed to supporting academic self-sufficiency and therefore provides many resources for students' academic and professional development beyond the classroom. Familiarizing yourself with these student resources will allow you to help the build a solid foundation for future work in their field.

Writing Effectively

One of the primary skills of a professional instructor is the ability to effectively seek out, analyze, synthesize, and record information in a scholarly manner. The faculty is committed to providing students with opportunities that provide experience in writing for a professional audience. Adjunct faculty are encouraged to give students written and oral assignments that connect their class work and professional experiences. Please speak with your faculty liaison to discuss how written and oral communication can be integrated into your courses. There are a number of writing resources that are available to students:

  • Writing Tutor - Wagner provides a writing tutor to assist students, individually and in group sessions with their writing assignments. Information and office hours are available at The Puck Building. Students may call the receptionist to get times and locations (x87440)
  • NYU Writing Center - Provides free services to all NYU students to improve writing skills. The Center's staff works with students on specific writing assignments. The Center is located at 269 Mercer Street, Room 230. Students must call the center for an appointment at (x88866).
  • Citation and Writing Resources - These references are universally recognized as acceptable by scholars and very adequately demonstrate how students should handle the issue of proper citation of material.


Math Review Session - The Wagner School offers a free, non-credit math review session, which meets for five sessions at the beginning of the fall and spring semester. The review session is listed as NONCR-GP 0906 and students must register via ALBERT to insure a seat in the session. The sessions focus on those math skills that are essential to statistics, microeconomics and financial management.

Math Lounge at Courant - Most mathematics is learned outside the classroom. We provide an environment that both stimulates learning and directs it. Everyone is welcome to visit the Math Lounge in Room 1103, Warren Weaver Hall (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences). It's a great place to study and socialize. There are two computers with internet access, a printer, Ethernet cables for Notebooks/Netbooks to access the internet, a couch, and a blackboard for discussions about math or just about everything else.

Math Resources - These resources are to help students to evaluate their math skills and do self-remediation if necessary.


General Tutoring

Every semester, the School provides tutors in Statistics (CORE-GP 1011), Microeconomics (CORE-GP 1018), and Financial Management (CORE-GP 1021) at no charge to students. The School also provides a writing tutor to assist students, individually and in group sessions, with their writing assignments. Tutoring hours and locations are posted in the Wagner School and on Blackboard, and are announced by faculty during the first class sessions.

Office of Career Services

OCS is committed to assisting Wagner students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and implementing career decisions and plans. From the day they start classes, students are encouraged to take advantage of the many services offered through Wagner's OCS, including the Career Directory, one-on-one Advisement, and a variety of career-related Events. Wagner students also have access to an assortment of services offered through the Wasserman Center for Career Development.