Sit in on a Course

Sitting-in on an NYU Wagner course gives prospective and newly admitted students an opportunity to see first-hand an NYU classroom, interact with current students and share in the knowledge of NYU Wagner's dynamic faculty. Most classes are conveniently offered in the evening. Class visits are subject to availability and offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Program Analysis and Evaluation
4:55pm - 6:35pm
Professor Carolyn Berry 

Financial Management for Nonprofit and NGO Organizations
4:55pm - 6:30pm
Professor Thad Calabrese 

Institutions, Governance, and Public Sector Reform
12:20pm - 1:55pm
Professor John Gershman
(NOTE: Only for prospective EMPA students)



Policy Formation and Policy Analysis
4:55pm - 6:35pm
Professor Neil Kleinman

Estimating Impact in Policy Research
6:45pm - 8:25pm
Professor Jan Blustein

Introduction to Public Policy
6:45pm - 8:55pm
Professor Andrew Sinclair 


Microeconomics for Public Management, Planning & Policy Analysis
9:30am - 12:15pm
Professor Ingrid Ellen

International Economic Development: Government, Markets, and Communities
4:55pm - 6:35pm
Professor Rajeev Dehejia 

Public Policy and Planning in New York
4:55pm - 6:35pm
Professor Mitchell Moss 



Public Economics and Finance
6:45pm - 8:25pm
Professor Francesco Brindisi

History and Theory of Planning
6:45pm - 8:25pm
Professor Alexis Perrotta