Application Review Process

NYU Wagner values work experience from all sectors and fields of our applicants. We believe that having at least two years of work experience prior to matriculation at NYU Wagner helps students ground their studies in real experiences, hence making the learning richer and applicable in context.

We do not have a minimum requirement of years of professional experience prior to application, but the Admissions Review Committee generally would like to see at least two years of full-time experience. For applicants who do not have at least two years of full-time work experience, if admitted, they may be required to fulfill the Professional Experience Requirement (PER), which entails 280 hours of field work prior to registration of the Capstone project.

Additionally, the Admissions Review Committee assesses each applicant's commitment to public service by looking at work experience. We receive a number of applications from people who work in the private sector and we look to see what other volunteer or pro bono work can serve as evidence of the applicants’ commitment to doing work of public importance.

The Admissions Review Committee assesses your work experience through your resume, your personal statement, and any professional recommendations.