Applicants for both Goldberg Fellowships should display most or all of the following qualities:

  • Far-reaching and nuanced intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for learning and problem-solving
  • Playful imagination and enthusiasm for new ways of approaching old problems
  • Thoughtful and articulate communication, both verbal and written
  • Interest in people, their stories and experiences
  • Steadfast dedication, emotional maturity, flexibility under adverse conditions, and a sense of humor about oneself
  • Demonstrated success in a first career
  • Love of culture and the arts
  • Tenure in a foreign country and fluency in at least one language beyond English

Applicants for the Philanthropy and Public Service Fellowship should display most if not all of the following qualities:

  • Demonstrated track record in philanthropy and/or public service
  • Evidence of new, pattern-breaking thinking on an issue of social importance
  • Commitment to taking on work that will help change the world