Alumni Profiles

Anna Swanby

MPA-PNP 2014

Senior Planner

NYC Department of Youth & Community Development

Sean Maloney

MPA-PNP 2008

Global Environment and Technology...

Global Environment and Technology Foundation

Jonathan Bandel

MPA-Health 2008

Senior Director of Adult Reconstruction...

Hospital for Special Surgery

Megan Thomas

MUP 1999

Chief Operating Officer

Omni New York, LLC

Jacob Victory

MPA-Health 1998

Senior Vice President

Health Republic Insurance of New York

Elizabeth Wolff

MPA-Health 2011

Senior Vice President - Care...

Richmond University Medical Center

Shelley Rubin

MPA-PNP 1977

Co-founder & Co-chair

Rubin Museum of Art

Sunita Joergensen

MPA-PNP 2006

Gender Based Violence Consultant


Kate Otto

MPA-Health 2009

Founder/Author, Everyday Ambassador

Public Health Consultant, World Bank

Melissa Grober-Morrow

MPA-PNP 2008

Director, Savings & Financial Capability

Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED)

Melissa Lee

MPA-PNP 2003

Senior Advisor

New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

Bridgette Blair

EMPA 2015

Operations and Program Director

NYC Service