Alumni Profiles

Vera Moore

MUP 2008


National Urban League

Margaret diZerega


Director of the Family Justice Program

Vera Institute of Justice

Deirdre Bishop

MPA-PNP 1993

Senior Advisor for Data Linkage

U.S. Census Bureau

Lauren Baranco

MPA-PNP 2010

Program Specialist - Youth Employment...

Alameda County Social Services Agency

Shola Olatoye

MPA-PNP 2001

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

New York City Housing Authority

Sandra Goldstein

EMPA 1998


Downtown Special Services District

Karolyn Chamberlin

MUP 2009

Director - USA

Greater Geneva Berne Area-Switzerland

Valerie Kretchmer

MPA-PNP 1976


Valerie S. Kretchmer Associates, Inc.

Tom Zenty

MPA-Health 1986

Chief Executive Officer

University Hospital Systems

Adam Eckstein

MUP 2012

Policy Analyst

The Office of the City Comptroller of New York

Christyne Dillard

MPA-PNP 2013

Operations Director

Yurgosky Consulting

Iris Weinshall

MUP 1980

Chief Operating Officer

New York Public Library