Alumni Profiles

Joel Rubenstein

MPA-PNP 1997

Vice President

Nielsen Company

Allie Nudelman

MPA-Health 2009

Special Assistant, Deputy Commissioner

NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

Dr. Tony Laing

MPA-PNP 2000

Postdoctoral Associate

Research Alliance for New York City Schools at...

Robert Winthrop

MPA-PNP 1997

Financial Consultant

Kaiser Permanente

Hallie Caplan

MPA-PNP 2010

State Operations and Educator Outreach

Stand for Children Colorado

Maia Hyary

MPA-Health 2013

‎Doctoral Student, Institute for...

Brandeis University

Florence Juillard

MPA-PNP 2009

VP, Community Development


Cynthia Freeman

MPA-PNP 2005

Senior Program Director

Community Partners

Martha Hirst

MUP 2001

EVP, COO and Treasurer

St John's University

Melissa Lee

MPA-PNP 2003

Senior Advisor

New Orleans Redevelopment Authority

Lila Oldmeadow

EMPA 2014

Director, Strategic and Indigenous...

Australian Government, Department of the...

Luciana Mermet

MPA-PNP 2007

Policy Specialist

UNDP Bureau for Development Policy