Alumni Profiles

Pisei Chea

MPA-PNP 2012

Associate Analyst

Moody's Investors Service

Jen Perrone

MPA-PNP 2009

Chief of Staff

New Organizing Institute

Jeffrey Silbert

PhD 1972

Assistant to the President

Lebanon College

Christopher Narducci

MUP 2009

Community Planning and Dev. Specialist

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Rosalind Ross

MUP 2005

Senior Project Manager

Providence Community Housing

Karolyn Chamberlin

MUP 2009

Director - USA

Greater Geneva Berne Area-Switzerland

Kara Grieco

MPA-PNP 2011

Director, Eastern Region

Education Pioneers

Christopher Levendos

MUP 1997

Vice President-National Operations

Verizon, Inc.

Andrew Hoan Steininger

MUP 2010

Vice President for Economic Development

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

Elena Agapova

MS 2003

Director of Finance and Administration

AIDS Foundation East-West

Thad Calabrese

PhD 2009

Assistant Professor

NYU Wagner

Nupur Chaudhury

MUP 2009

Senior Project Manager

Rebuild By Design