Alumni Profiles

Adam Eckstein

MUP 2012

Policy Analyst

The Office of the City Comptroller of New York

Lila Oldmeadow

EMPA 2014

Director, Strategic and Indigenous...

Australian Government, Department of the...

Elena Agapova

MS 2003

Director of Finance and Administration

AIDS Foundation East-West

Bob Fohngho

MPA-Health 2010

Practice Administrator

Columbia University in the City of New York

Murat Tuysuz

MPA-PNP 2010


Marmara University

Gail Sussman

MUP 1980

Managing Director

Moody's Investors Service

Amy White

MPA-PNP 2004

Supervising Examiner

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Karly Belasco

EMPA 2012

Hospitalist Registered Nurse (RN)

Sound Physicians

Stephen Sagner

MPA-PNP 1999


A. Sagner's Son

Mo Coffey

MPA-PNP 2010

Managing Director

The Good Dog Foundation

Melissa Gaeke

MPA-PNP 1994

Executive Director, Civic Engagement

University of Southern California

Vaughn Crandall

MPA-PNP 2006

Senior Strategy Consultant

California Partnership for Safe Communities