Mobility Factbook: Official Launch

NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation has launched a “Mobility Factbook” to explain how people move in, through and out of New York City. This site conveys, for each of NYC’s 28 modes, precise usage patterns and trends. We highlight the use of multiple modes, the surge in off-peak travel, and the use of information technology to enhance mobility.
You can visit the Factbook at few key facts:

- The Grand Central Terminal Area hosts 750,000 pedestrians every weekday – more than the population of North Dakota (672,391) (See our map of daily pedestrian counts in major Manhattan destinations here)

– 97% of yellow taxi pickups occur in Manhattan or at the airports. (See more taxi facts here)

- NYC’s dollar vans are estimated to be the 20th largest bus system in the U.S. (And usually cost two dollars; see more here)

– NYC averages 0.59 automobiles per household; the U.S. averages 2.2 automobiles per household. See a map of car ownership rates within the city here.

Visit the site at – you will learn something new on every page.