Capstone Client Application 2016-2017

Thank you for your interest in NYU Wagner's Capstone program. We strongly recommend that you read the Capstone Client FAQs prior to writing your application.

You may type your answers directly into the text fields or copy and paste them from other sources. Please note that all fields are required and the application must be completed in one sitting (you will be unable to save an incomplete application). We strongly suggest you save a separate copy of your application for your records.

If you have questions about the application process, please send an email to or call 212.998.7474.

I. Applicant Contact Information
(please select “Non-US” to enter foreign state or province)


II. Understanding of Proposal Guidelines
III. Proposal Abstract (50-75 words)
IV. Organizational Description (1,000 words)
Please describe your organization or unit, including mission, scope of work, key program activities, target population, and number of years in operation. (For Capstone projects, we look for organizations that have been operating for at least three years, have at least three full-time employees, and can offer a mutually beneficial opportunity for the agency and the student team.)
V. Capstone Project Overview

Describe the scope of the project for which you would like a Capstone Project Team to focus. (The best Capstone proposals are important but not urgent; achievable within the academic timeframe and with the resources available; provide a clear definition of the problem or issue to be addressed; have a realistic scope; and specify tangible deliverables for the Capstone team to provide.)


VI. Desired Outcomes (250 words)

Please describe the deliverables that are expected of the Capstone Team at the completion of the project (i.e. survey or evaluation instruments, draft policies and procedures, resource lists, analysis of large datasets, a comprehensive report, recommendations on how to proceed, etc.).

VII. Special Considerations

If applicable, please describe any special considerations that NYU Wagner and/or the Capstone Project Team should be aware.



QUESTIONS? If you have any questions about the Capstone Program, please send an email to or call 212.998.7474. You may also refer to the Capstone website at