Composing Your Career

These Composing Your Career videos, and our other resources, are designed to help you develop a successful career in public service.

In the Tracks Exercise video, we'll take a look at how you can better establish what you’re looking for. In the What Employers Look F.O.R. video, we’ll explore how employers make hiring decisions. And in the S.E.E. Strategies video, we'll look at ways for you to combine what you’re looking for with what employers are looking for so that you’re better poised for a successful career by maximizing your time while in school.

Each video builds on what comes before, so you will likely want to start with the Tracks Exercise, then What Employers Look F.O.R., followed by the S.E.E. Strategies. Feel free to go at your own pace and get comfortable with the material before you move on.

And, good luck as you compose your career.