Ramón Castellblanch

Ramón Castellblanch
Visiting Scholar; Associate Professor of Health Education, San Francisco State

Ramón Castellblanch has been working in health policy for more than 20 years,
with a focus on state politics. His current research interest is state implementation
of the Affordable Care Act. His scholarship includes Driving Down the Cost of Drugs:
Battling Big Pharma in the Statehouse (2012). He has published in the Journal of
Health Politics, Policy and Law, and with the California Program on Access to Care at
the University of California. He is a columnist for the Progressive Media Project and
has been published in dozens of dailies. Castellblanch is a member of the California
Board of Pharmacy, where he worked with the American College of Physicians Foundation
to make the state first to standardize prescription drug labels and require translations
in order to reduce medication errors. He is also a consultant to the National
Resource Center for Academic Detailing, and has worked with NYU’s Brennan Center
for Justice to design a mandate upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court that employers
cover workers’ health care.