Solution-Oriented Research and Teaching

New York University’s Marron Institute on Cities and the Urban Environment is an interdisciplinary and international effort to advance solution-oriented research and teaching on cities and the urban environment.

As the world rapidly urbanizes, the urban environment is fundamental to our global future: cities are central to climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts; they are laboratories for new models of governance, planning and innovation; and they represent diverse societies grappling with questions of equity, inclusion and opportunity.

Launched in February 2013, the Marron Institute explores these intersecting issues through an unprecedented University-wide lens—providing a vibrant academic community for scholars and students in the social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and professional schools. By focusing on solution-oriented research, Marron and its affiliates work with cities around the world as they strive become more livable, sustainable, and equitable—advancing the fundamental understanding of cities in the process.