Advanced Professional Certificate in International Development

This graduate-level certificate is designed for students with - or aspiring towards - a career in international development.

The curriculum exposes students to a wide range of issues in development. It explores the historical context of major development policies, provides an overview of major development paradigms, and explores questions of poverty, inequality, and economic growth in a comparative context.

Students must complete 12 credits to obtain this Certificate (courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted). OOne three-credit Wagner elective course from another area of specialization may be subsituted.

Elective Choices:

Students can choose electives from the following list of courses:

  • PADM-GP 2202 Politics of International Development
  • PADM-GP 2203 International Economic Development: Governments, Markets, and Communities
  • PADM-GP 2245 Financing Local Government in Developing Countries
  • URPL-GP 2665 Decentralized Development Planning and Policy Reform in Developing Countries
  • HPAM-GP 2852 Comparative Health Systems
  • HPAM-GP 4830 Health Economics: Principles (1.5 credits)
  • HPAM-GP 4832 Health Economics: Topics in International Health Policy (1.5 credits)

Prerequisite Courses:

Students must waive the following courses if they are prerequisites to any of the above elective courses a student wishes to take toward the certificate. If students are unable to waive the course(s), only one course from the list below may count toward the certificate and other courses would need to be completed in addition to the certificate.

  • CORE GP 1011 Statistical Methods for Public, Nonprofit, and Health Management
  • CORE-GP 1018 Microeconomics for Public Management, Planning, and Policy Analysis
  • CORE-GP 1022 Introduction to Public Policy
  • PADM-GP 2201 Institutions, Governance, and International Development