Ji Eun Chang
Adjunct Lecturer of Health Policy and Management

Ji Eun Chang is a doctoral student at NYU Wagner studying management and health policy.  Her research focuses on the processes of inter-organizational coordination and the ways through which individuals across different sectors manage work interdependencies.   She has a wide range of organizational research and evaluation experience in the public sector (the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; the U.S. Economic Development Agency; the South Australian Department for Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology; South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services), the medical sector (University of Massachusetts Medical Center; NYU Langone Prevention Research Center), the nonprofit sector (Community Health Network of NYC; World Evangelical Alliance) and academia (New York University; Carnegie Mellon University).   Prior to coming to Wagner, she was a policy analyst for the District of Columbia Department of Human Services.   Ji Eun has received a Masters of Science in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley.

Semester Course
Spring 2014 CORE-GP.1020.007 Managing Public Service Organizations (MPSO)

The goal of Managing Public Service Organizations (MPSO) is to enhance your management and leadership skills. The course provides you with the tools you need to diagnose and solve organizational problems, to influence the actions of individuals, groups, and organizations, and to lead high-performing, successful public service organizations.

A key management task is to assemble the skills, talents, and resources of individuals and groups into those combinations that best solve the organizational problems at hand. One must manage people, information, and processes to accomplish organizational goals. One must make things happen, and often not under ideal conditions or timeframes. The successful execution of these goals requires managers to be able to understand what they bring to and need from their organizations, formulate a mission and strategy, make effective decisions, influence and motivate diverse individuals, apply their own skills and abilities to their teams, optimize the structure and culture of their organization, diagnose problems, and drive organizational change.

MPSO prepares you to achieve these objectives by providing you with fundamental tools developed from the behavioral and social sciences and tested by leaders in organizations representing all sectors.

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