Class Gift 2014

The annual Class Gift Campaign provides an opportunity for current students to have a tremendous impact on the future of NYU Wagner. The class gift builds upon the strong ties we have formed at NYU Wagner by bringing us together to support, enrich, and enhance the experience of current and incoming students. This year’s gift will support the Professional Development Fund for Wagner students.

As students, we have gained an incredible amount from the faculty, staff, and each other, including the knowledge and networks needed to succeed in public service. The class gift is our chance to begin building the tradition of giving back – and, as public service leaders, giving back is what we do best.

Why Give to Wagner?

  1. Tuition alone does not cover the true cost of a Wagner education. Help us fill this gap for future Wagner students.
  2. 100% participation in the Class Gift Campaign will show other funders that NYU Wagner students are proud of their school, committed to making it the best it can be, and supportive of one another’s development. This makes us more enticing to potential funders.
  3. More funding leads to an even higher-quality student body, faculty, and education, as well as higher rankings. NYU Wagner has ascended rapidly as a school in the past ten years, and your contribution will help it continue to rise. This means your resume looks even better to future employers and you’re that much more competitive in the job market.

2014 Class Gift Campaign

Last year’s Class Gift Campaign was a great success, securing nearly $4,500 for NYU Wagner's Annual Fund. This year we aim to beat that total and to reach 100% participation this year. To accomplish this, we need your help.

The Class Gift Campaign is not just for graduating students! We ask that all students - whether you are a full-time, part-time, first year, graduating, or dual degree student - donate to the 2014 Class Gift today.

We suggest that students contribute a minimum of $20.14; however, a donation of any amount is a meaningful way to celebrate your time at NYU Wagner and show your appreciation for the experience and opportunities made available to you. No gift is inconsequential – every amount matters.

Donate as a Capstone team, student group board, team project group, study group, or send in an individual contribution. You can even make a contribution designated in honor of a professor, administrator, or peer! The Class Gift Committee will notify the person that a gift was made in their name. 

The 2014 Class Gift will contribute to the new Professional Development Fund for NYU Wagner students. The Professional Development Fund will support academic and professional opportunities for Wagner students who compete in national policy competitions and attend academic conferences. These experiences enhance students' knowledge and growth, and increases Wagner's presence around the globe. National competitions, such as FELS at The University of Pennsylvania and the Clinton Global Initiative, allow students to showcase their innovations and creativity, and apply their theoretical and practical knowledge to real-life settings. National academic and professional organization conferences, such as the American Planning Association, American College of Healthcare Executives, and American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), as well as smaller, local conferences, increase students' understanding of research and trends, and expand their professional networks.

The fund allocation will be determined in partnership by the incoming WSA Board and the NYU Wagner Administration.

The Class Gift Committee, Wagner Student Association, Offices of Development and Alumni Relations, and participating faculty and administrators thank you for your generous support!