Mary McBride

Adjunct Clinical Professor

By appointment only
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Mary McBride is a Partner in Strategies For Planned Change (SPC) a consulting firm specializing in change strategies for organizations and individuals in organizations.

Mary has published in the areas of managerial effectiveness, marketing and organizational change, with a focus on the impact of globalization on strategy. She is a member of the Management Simulations Projects Group, a research team specializing in the design and development of curriculum and experiential learning programs for managers. Mary is a co-author of several large scale behavioral and computer simulations. Her current interests include: the design and impact of public private partnerships, social entrepreneurship, strategic marketing of nonprofit and public organizations, ecological resource management, leadership and organizational development and ethical design intelligence.

Mary has worked across the three sectors and internationally. As an academic, she has helped train international business leaders as Director of Executive Communication at New York University's Stern Graduate School of Business and as the Co-Director of the Management Decision Laboratory. As Clinical professor at NYU's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service she brought her experience in business to the study of public/ private sector partnerships. In the Executive MBA program at the Stern Graduate School of Business, she helped develop the next generation of business leaders. She has won numerous awards for Teaching Excellence and has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor at several international universities.

Mary's professional business experience spans several areas: marketing, strategic planning, design management, operations analysis and organization development. Prior to SPC, Mary worked in both business and nonprofit organizations. Her consulting work with nonprofits includes work with community service agencies, arts organizations, hospitals, schools and foundations. She has worked with city, state and international agencies to develop strategies for managing change and improving service delivery.

In the private sector, Mary is well known as an executive coach to international business leaders. As leader of the SPC change management practice, she has worked with organizations to develop and effectively implement strategies for planned change. Her private sector work with international companies spans many industries including: publishing, entertainment, financial services, technology, construction management, retail store development, apparel, packaging, product design and merchandising.

Mary received her business training at NYU's Graduate School of Business and also earned an MA and Ph.D. from NYU specializing in Marketing Communications and Systems Analysis with a focus on the design of organizational systems, marketing strategies and management structures for peak performance. Mary is currently at work on a book, Excellence by Design: The Strategic Role of Design Management in Creating Sustainable Advantage.