Analysis and Evaluation of the 1199 National Benefit Fund’s Member Choice Program

Client: 1199 National Benefit Fund
Faculty: Kathryn Morrison and Lawrence Murray
Team: Annie Charles, Lucretia Gilbert, Jenny Lin, Antonella Petruso, Amy White
Year: 2004
The 1199 National Benefit Fund for Hospital and Health Care Employees (NBF) asked the Capstone team to evaluate its Member Choice Program (MCP). The MCP is one of two main health care plans offered to 1199 SEIU members. The primary objective was to determine why enrollment in the MCP was not higher. Steps taken to achieve this objective included providing an overall evaluation of the MCP, analyzing program data and “report cards” provided by the NBF, and suggesting multiple options for NBF to administer and manage its health care program(s) more cost effectively. In addition, the Capstone team identified “model” networks and suggested next steps for the client to pursue.