Analyzing Data to Evaluate the Success of the Community Renaissance Strategy Model

Client: JPMorgan Chase Global Philanthropy Foundation
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: "Marina Barskaya, David Gottesman, Rachel Herman, Larissa Johnson, Tom McIntyre, Kathleen Nugent"
Year: 2008
"The JPMorgan Chase Foundation utilized a Capstone team in analyzing and implementing its Community Renaissance Strategy, a new grant­making model addressing issues and developing solutions in Community Development, Education, and Arts and Culture across markets that the firm serves. The Capstone team approached the project in three phases. Phase I actively assisted Community Relations Officers with local market analysis and development of busi­ness plans to guide 2008 philanthropic grant making, and created a separate analysis for client review. Phase II was a gap analysis designed to discover to what degree the various market­specific business plans move towards embracing the vision of the Community Renaissance Strategy, and operationalize the vision of the Global Foundation through the proposed grants. Phase III provided the Foundation with analysis and recommen­dations regarding the tools and best prac­tices for the design and implementation of an evaluation and performance measurement framework for the Community Renaissance Strategy. "