Anti-Corruption Impact Monitoring in the East Asia and Pacific Region

Client: World Bank Institute
Faculty: Paul Smoke
Team: Joe Amick, Leah Goodman, Nadia Lim, Jennifer Peckman
Year: 2006
The World Bank supports a broad range of activities to reduce corruption in the East Asia and Pacific Region. While it has made significant investments, it has limited information about the extent of their impact on corruption levels in Bank-supported countries. To this end, the Capstone team was asked to develop a framework to help the Bank link project-level results with established corruption indicators. The Team conducted a literature review on the leading corruption assessment tools, analyzed their effectiveness, and developed an in-depth report on each tool as well as a matrix highlighting key features. A series of memos were written to underscore initial findings. In addition, the team reviewed five active projects covering a range of sectors from legal and judicial reform to public financial management and identified specific anti-corruption indicators that will facilitate the World Bank’s ability to monitor the effectiveness of their anti-corruption activities both temporally and across sectors in the region.