The ASPIRE Program

Client: New York City Department of Juvenile Justice
Faculty: Charles Brecher and Gayle Horwitz
Team: Angie Chan, Jessica Gonzalez, Shabana Master, Douglas Newman, Nitzan Pelman, Hayley Wasko
Year: 2003
The Capstone team analyzed and evaluated the Department of Juvenile Justice's current Behavior Management Program. The team conducted interviews, site visits, focus groups, and outside research in order to better learn about the Behavioral Management Program and how best to address the Department of Juvenile Justice's needs. From that research, the team created a comprehensive behavioral management program entitled “ASPIRE.” The ASPIRE program seeks to manage behavior, maintain a safe and secure environment, and improve social and behavioral competencies of the young residents in the detention facilities of the Department of Juvenile Justice. ASPIRE encourages residents to take responsibility for their actions by providing leadership and support, reinforcing positive behavior, celebrating successes, and upholding fairness and equity.