Assessing the Costs to Employers of Domestic Violence Workplace Policies in New York City

Client: Legal Momentum
Faculty: S.J Avery and Ana Oliveira
Team: Kate Campbell, Laura Johnson, Ed Kiernan, Michelle Marsh
Year: 2009
Legal Momentum is the nation's oldest legal advocacy organization dedicated solely to advancing the rights of women and girls with the aim to establish litigation and public policy strategies to secure equality and justice for women. The goal of this Capstone project was to prepare a study to assess the costs that employers face in implementing reasonable accommodations for victims of domestic violence. In order to complete this assessment the team developed a valid framework for evaluating these costs and compared it with existing cost methodologies. The team also created a reliable employer survey to estimate the cost impact of domestic violence policies in the workplace. The results of the study will give Legal Momentum information that can inform policy decisions and provide a framework for future research.