Assessing Health Care Priorities in C?te d'Ivoire

Client: United Methodist Committee on Relief
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: Gina Bermingham, Sarah Hall, Elizabeth Osborn
Year: 2009
The primary focus of this project was to help the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) identify and assess the health care priorities of national and local governments, the Methodist Church, and other key actors in C?te d?Ivoire. In particular, the team was asked to assess Dabou Methodist Hospital, a former British colonial hospital now owned by the local Methodist church, and make recommendations for its improvement. These recommendations will be considered by hospital administrators as well as leaders in the Methodist Church of Texas, who have established a partnership with the Methodist Church of C?te d'Iviore. The team conducted an environmental scan of the healthcare system and infrastructure of C?te d?Ivoire using internet-based research and interviews with US-based experts in healthcare systems. The team also traveled to C?te D?Ivoire to visit the hospital and interview various stakeholders, including leaders in the Methodist Church, hospital administrators and staff, as well as government officials, to gain a deeper understanding of local health care issues and challenges. Deliverables include recommendations for the improvement of the hospital and the feasibility of establishing a community health worker program. The team's findings will be presented to the hospital staff, leaders from the Methodist Church in C?te d?Ivoire, and leaders from the Methodist Church in Texas.