Assessing Homeless Outreach at the Bowery Resident’s Committee

Client: The Bowery Resident’s Committee
Faculty: Charles Brecher and Gayle Horwitz
Team: Laura Blair, Kristen Nardullo, Andrew Tipson, JoAnna Willis
Year: 2003
The Bowery Resident’s Committee (BRC) is a voluntary nonprofit that works to address the needs of persons with limited resources in the metropolitan New York City area. The BRC is seeking to improve the effectiveness and policy influence of its street outreach program, Project Rescue. The Capstone team developed a survey to help the BRC more systematically answer several broad-based questions about breakdowns in the system that serves homeless individuals in New York City. The team researched other outreach programs and evaluation literature and developed a list of suggested survey revisions for use with BRC’s own client database. After piloting the survey at BRC's drop-in center, the team worked to implement the new survey tool at Project Rescue.