Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Philippines

Client: Academy of Responsible Management
Faculty: Charles Bailey and David Winder
Team: Moazah Ahmed, Cara Lacey, Bing Luo, Katie Sagan, Melanie Ziu
Year: 2013

The Philippines has a history of philanthropic giving, particularly from large privately owned Filipino organizations. Today, many organizations have evolved from simple philanthropy to embedding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into their business models. However, there is room for improvement and gaps remain where needs exist. Although many Filipino organizations include multiple and diverse CSR programs, CSR training is necessary - specifically to induce systemic impacts within the triple bottom line: social, environmental and financial outcomes. The Academy of Responsible Management (ARM) based in Malaysia engaged the Capstone team to research the existing CSR climate, programs, and training gaps in CSR, specific to Filipino organizations, in order to identify present and future CSR program and training needs. Through desk research, in-country interviews, and a current conditions profile, the team created a gap analysis and conducted a needs assessment to aid ARM in identifying training capacity in the Philippines.