Assessment of Freight Consolidation Methodologies in Midtown Manhattan

Client: New York City Department of Transportation
Faculty: Michael Keane and Claire Weisz
Team: Mary Berberian, Alejandra Rangel Smith, Daniel Suraci, Chris Whong
Year: 2013

New York City Department of Transportation’s (NYCDOT) Office of Freight Mobility works to improve the efficiency and sustainability of freight movement throughout the City. A Capstone team was engaged to identify how consolidation centers can benefit the city’s freight system by accepting large truck deliveries and then distributing goods via smaller, more efficient and sustainable vehicles for the “last mile” of travel. The team examined the existing state of the practice by identifying the challenges/barriers for consolidation in NYC, specifically in Midtown and Downtown. Additionally, the team analyzed effective models in other cities to provide examples of success and failures. Focusing on the area within the Grand Central Partnership as a potential pilot, the final report included data collected through surveys, interviews and onsite observation about freight operations. Finally, the team used these findings to make specifically tailored policy recommendations for accommodating freight consolidation within Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.