Assessment of Hospital Sustainability and Donor Relations

Client: United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR)
Faculty: Katherine Bourne and Steven Schall
Team: Alisa Ahmadian, Heather Chadwick, Hilda Engilbertsdottir, Christine Hunt, Lily Rossow-Greenberg
Year: 2013

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) provides community-based health programs, operating within the infrastructure of United Methodist hospitals and clinics across 80 countries. Currently, one main challenge for United Methodist Church (UMC) leadership, governance, board, and staff is to track and assess financial and operational activities of hospitals and clinics. The Capstone team developed and implemented a framework to assess the financial and operational viability of four health facilities in Sierra Leone. This framework informed various recommendations for internal sustainability of these health facilities within the UMC network. The Capstone team also produced policies and guidelines for new donors, dedicated donors, mission coordinator volunteers, and UMC Health Boards to prioritize hospital funding allocations. While the project focused on the context of UMC facilities in post-conflict Sierra Leone, the assessment framework and recommendations are adaptable for use by the greater UMCOR health network in order to promote greater sustainability.