Best Management Practices for Stormwater Management

Client: New York City Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability
Faculty: Rae Zimmerman and Kei Hayashi
Team: "Chris Gorman, Jung-Hsien Liao, Akila Shenoy"
Year: 2008
"PlaNYC is a comprehensive effort carried out by the City of New York to address the new pressure on the city's infrastructure from the additional one million residents that are expected to reside in NYC by the year 2030. The Mayor’s Office asked the Capstone team to assist in Water, one of the five initiatives. Working alongside the Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability (OLTPS), the Capstone team has carried out two phases of research to assist in efforts to develop policy to miti­gate stormwater runoff. Phase I included a detailed analysis of forty­five best management practices (BMPs) for stormwater runoff. Research included looking at cost, maintenance, implementation, and current uses of each BMP. Phase II looked more in detail at environmental conditions for BMPs in order to provide specific information on areas within NYC where BMPs could best be implemented. The research culminated in policy recommendations for the OLTPS on where and how to best implement BMPs in the NYC landscape. "