Best Practices for Business Capacity Building in the New York City Childcare Sector

Client: Low Income Investment Fund
Faculty: John Brothers and Monte Kurs
Team: "Cesar Avila, Beth Dunphe, Stephanie Hirschorn, Yuao Tang, Yanghoon Rhyu, Aigerim Yussubaliyeva"
Year: 2008
"The Capstone team was engaged to further the Low Income Investment Fund's (LIIF) goals to provide capacity building services to community based childcare providers serving low­income children in New York City. The team's work was per­formed in the context of a larger system revamping being planned by New York City's Administration for Children's Services (ACS). Partnering with LIIF, the Capstone team's main objective was to create a capacity building plan to model technical assistance and training for child­care providers in New York City. To that end, a need was noted to survey best practices nationally, inventory NYC's exist­ing services, dimension the need, and propose effective models for short­and long­term implementation, including public and private sector roles and cost analysis. The team's tasks centered on researching and cataloging childcare sec­tor business capacity building systems across the country, researching the current child care system in New York City, identifying NYC organizations and individuals that provide sector specific business/ capacity building assistance, and identifying recommendations for implementation of a business model for New York City. "