Bronx Outreach Program Pilot Project

Client: New York City Department of Correction
Faculty: Charles Brecher and Gayle Horwitz
Team: Candy Crary, Susan Jung, Angineeki Miles, Amy Reisner, Marci Short, Julie Spellun
Year: 2003
Research has proven that pre-release planning for incarcerated adults leads to lower recidivism rates. The Capstone team designed the Bronx Outreach Program, a pre-release program that utilizes a family case management model as a method of transitioning released inmates back into the Bronx community. The model assesses, plans for, and meets the family’s social service needs while the detainee is still incarcerated and following his release. The pilot design incorporated a needs assessment of detainees and their families, a mapping of appropriate service providers in the Bronx, as well as research on best practices employed in national models. Recommendations for funding sources, program implementation, and marketing strategies were also included in the Capstone team’s report.