Brooklyn Arts Council Through a Kaleidoscope: Assessing Perceptions from an Artistic Community

Client: Brooklyn Arts Council
Faculty: Sara Grant and Merle McGee
Team: Jim Gallagher, Christine La Porta, Kathleen McCarthy, Tamar Remz
Year: 2009
The Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC), a long-standing presence in the Brooklyn arts community, has recently experienced significant growth. Due to this development, BAC sought an impartial understanding of its role within the Brooklyn arts community, integrating perspectives of both internal and external stakeholders. The Capstone team provided BAC with insights concerning its role in the Brooklyn arts community by utilizing surveys and informal interviews targeted at BAC's current and untapped constituencies. The resulting data highlights BAC's strengths, constituents? unmet needs, and potential areas for organizational and programmatic development. This information will enable BAC to clarify its purpose and position itself effectively within the Brooklyn arts community.