Building a Foundation for Organizational and Programmatic Evaluation

Client: Prison Moratorium Project
Faculty: SJ Avery and Michael Mcgarvey
Team: Natasha Lycia Ora Bannan, John Burns, Shannon Flasch, Roberta Thomas, Muriel Williams
Year: 2006
The Capstone team studied the historical context and implementation of the Impact Schools Initiative (led by the NYPD and Department of Education) in New York City and how effective it has/has not been in dealing with the issue of school safety. The team also researched alternative models of school safety to assess their compatibility (or incompatibility) with the Impact Schools initiative. The team has provided their client organization with a research report and an annotated bibliography of research literature to use for further studies. In the research report, the team recommended ways the city’s school safety policies could be improved and questions for future study.