Capacity Assessment Research, Development, and Implementation

Client: International Center for Tolerance Education
Faculty: Jody Spiro
Team: Angelina Dusayeva, Sihla Koop, Tatiana Li, Gina Mintz
Year: 2005
The primary goal of the International Center for Tolerance Education (ICTE) is to support initiatives designed to promote young children’s understanding of and respect for the differences that exist among themselves, especially those related to culture, ethnicity, gender, race and socioeconomic status. As part of its philanthropy, ICTE identified the need to assist exemplary programs with capacity building activities in order for them to become sustainable. The Capstone team was charged with developing a valid capacity assessment tool based on research, surveys, and pilot testing for ICTE’s use with its grantees. Taking into consideration the focus of ICTE’s work, the tool was tailored specifically for use by organizations in the field of tolerance education and is adaptable in an international setting. In addition, the Capstone team provided ICTE with instructions for administration of the tool and interpretation of results.