Case Management and Systems Administration for a Complex Legal Services Program

Client: Main Street Legal Services
Faculty: Sean Harvey
Team: Alexandra Brown, Elizabeth Burger, Shujie Jiang, Patrick Mangan
Year: 2011
Main Street Legal Services (MSLS) is the clinical training program at CUNY Law School. MSLS has seven clinics, each of which operates as an independent silo of activity, with its own administrative proto­cols for case intake, case tracking, record keeping, communications, and conflict checking. The organization approached the Capstone team for advice on how to manage seven divergent practice areas in a coordinated fashion and implement and enforce uniform administrative protocols across the clinics. Of specific concern was the failure of many clinics to maintain comprehensive case records in the shared electronic case management system. The Capstone team conducted a review of the organization's administrative practices, surveyed key stakeholder groups (faculty, staff, students), and contacted other law firms and clinical programs to identify best practices in the field. The final report con­sisted of internal research findings, best practices of peer institutions, and recom­mendations that will streamline adminis­trative processes to strengthen the provision of quality client services and legal instruction.