Community Interim Site Use Plan for the Hunts Point Riverside Campus for Arts and the Environment

Faculty: Kate Collignon, Kei Hayashi
Team: Alan Biller, Sally Smith Greenspan, Traci Sanders, Andrew Sigal, Lindsay Wech
Year: 2011
THE POINT Community Development Corporation is focused on youth develop­ment and community revitalization in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. THE POINT asked the Capstone team to devel­op an interim site plan for an undeveloped land parcel that it had acquired, but was not using to its full potential. The Capstone team performed a rigorous community outreach process to collect input from res­idents and local stakeholders on the com­munity's needs and preferred uses for the site. The team also considered financial feasibility, market conditions, organiza­tional capacity, and mission alignment, in addition to community input to determine the best use for the site. The report includes final recommendations for the use of the site, potential opportunities for partnerships, funding sources for implementation, as well as general considerations for longerterm site development as further space and funding become available.