A Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation System

Client: Education For Employment Foundation
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: Aviva Klompas, Kate Ryan, Pia Saunders, Lauren Price
Year: 2009
The Education for Employment Foundation (EFE) works in the Middle East and North Africa to provide disadvantaged youth with the skills needed to improve their economic future and that of their countries. EFE accomplishes this objective by providing unemployed youth with cutting-edge professional training that directly leads to job opportunities. The Capstone team was commissioned by EFE to test and refine a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework. The team first undertook a review of the existing M&E techniques and elicited feedback from EFE staff as to its functionality and practicality. The Capstone team then conducted extensive research and traveled to Jordan and Morocco to interview key EFE staff and pilot the tools with students, alumni, employers, and partners. In its final written report, the team produced an updated series of M&E tools, a user's guide, and recommendations on how EFE can tailor the M&E system to individual program and country needs.