A Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation System

Client: Education for Employment Foundation
Faculty: Dennis Smith
Team: "Katherine Aaby, Stephanie Bosse Barksdale, Margaret Della, Farah Siddique "
Year: 2008
"The Education For Employment Foundation (EFE) works in the Middle East and North Africa to provide disadvantaged youth with skills to improve the economic future of both themselves and their countries. EFE accomplishes this objective by providing unemployed youth with cutting­edge professional training that leads directly to job opportunities. The Capstone team was commissioned by EFE to create a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework to gauge the success and impact of EFE's programs. The team first undertook a literature review of monitoring and evaluation techniques and looked at similar organizations' M&E frameworks to brainstorm for innovative and creative ideas. The team then drew up a logframe with EFE's goals, results, and indicators. Based on the indicators, the team created a host of tools that will enable EFE to carry out a continuous process of monitoring and evaluating. The Capstone team is delivering a handbook to EFE, incorporating all the M&E tools to be used, instructions on how they should be used, and the frequency of use. The team hopes that this handbook will enable EFE to implement monitoring and evaluating processes that are tailored to individual program and country needs. "