Decentralization, Housing Provision, and Spatial Form in Cape Town

Client: Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
Faculty: Paul Smoke
Team: Juan Nicolas Galarza, Ronnie Hutchinson, Patrick Lamson-Hall, Prachee Mishra
Year: 2013

The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is a leading resource for key issues concerning the use, regulation, and taxation of land. The Institute engaged the Capstone team to build on a previously conducted overview assessment of metropolitan governance, finance, and service delivery in Cape Town, South Africa. The team first conducted field research in Cape Town, focusing on how city institutions respond to the challenges of rapid urbanization, particularly in the provision and spatial configuration of housing and related services. The team used field interviews and secondary research to document current patterns and mechanisms for service delivery to identify key constraints being encountered, and to review priorities and options for improving the present situation. Adding to a growing body of Lincoln Institute work on the challenges of metropolitan government, the final report will be made available as a resource for scholars and practitioners interested in local public governance and finance.