Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating a Public Administration Training Program for Public Sector Employees in Jordan

Client: Education for Employment Foundation
Faculty: Ana Oliveira, Dennis Smith
Team: Lindsey Foss, Daria Hirsch, Marc Minor, David Colby Reed, Donia Saeidi
Year: 2011
The Education for Employment Foundation aims to create job opportunities for unem­ployed youth in the Middle East and North Africa by providing them with professional and technical training. The organization's affiliate in Jordan, the Jordan Career Education Foundation, and the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, requested a Capstone team to create a public administration training program for entry­level govern­ment employees in Jordan. The goal of this pilot program was two­fold: to increase retention in the public sector, and to pro­vide employees with the skills and compe­tencies needed to advance to managerial roles. The Capstone team designed a 30­hour training course and delivered the training to two groups of 25 participants through one­week sessions in October and March in Amman, Jordan. The program included topics such as strategic planning, managing people, project management, performance measurement and manage­ment, leadership, and decision­making processes. Additionally, the Capstone team designed and implemented an evalu­ation tool based on surveys to measure the effectiveness of the trainings.