Determining and Increasing the Impact of World Learning's Global UGRAD Program

Client: World Learning, Global Undergraduate Exchange Program
Faculty: Jody Spiro
Team: Benjamin Case, Shannon Kowalski, Caitlin Mitchell, Mima Stojanovic
Year: 2010
The Capstone team conducted an independent evaluation of the impact of World Learning's Global Undergraduate Global (UGRAD) Exchange Program for East Asia and the Pacific and the Western Hemisphere on its alumni. The team created an evaluation toolkit and employed two of the tools to survey and interview the program's alumni. The evaluation revealed the alumni's perceptions of how the program affected their English language skills, academic and career goals, and community service, as well as their attitudes about gender equality, diversity, civil participation, and the United States. It also uncovered their thoughts on how the program has changed their lives. Additionally, the Capstone team conducted a field scan of competitors. The data from the evaluation and the field scan informed the team's recommendations for ways to improve Global UGRAD's policies and methodologies so that the impact of the program can increase.