Determining the Financial Impact of Inpatient Integrative Medicine

Client: Beth Israel Medical Center
Faculty: Amy Goldman, Roger Kropf
Team: Loreen Acevedo, David Moser, Camille Paredes, Lindsay Raskind
Year: 2011
The Department of Integrative Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center provides free inpatient services including acupunc­ture, yoga, reiki, and mind­body tech­niques. The Capstone team worked with the department to create a financial data­base and methodology for use in deter­mining the financial impact of its services. The team conducted a literature review and key stakeholder interviews to identify variables that would likely demonstrate potential cost savings and/or revenue enhancements of these services. The team then developed a methodology indicating how the depart­ment could regularly track these metrics. Collection of this data will prepare the department to conduct detailed research to determine the financial value of its services. The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly focused on patient­centered approaches; therefore, capturing the cost outcomes associated with integrative medicine interventions in an inpatient hospital setting is vital to reducing costs while improving quality.